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Pots & Plants

We specialise in unique planters! We have the ability to make pots to your perfect size, shape & finish. 

Verve Work Space
Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

Verve's office design showcased exquisite furniture and inviting breakout areas. To complement this ambiance, the addition of office plants was essential. By incorporating vibrant and sizable plants in eye-catching pots, we have established a captivating and natural planting theme that requires minimal upkeep. Beyond enhancing the aesthetics, these plants serve multiple purposes, such as defining zones, reducing noise levels, and fostering well-being. Their presence contributes to a harmonious and inviting workspace.

Office Planting
Lace Market, Nottingham.

Working to a budget and quick turn around, this office plants completed the look. 

Working with size, scale and texture the pots bring the plant design to life without having an abundance of containers. 

Show Home Planting

Luxury, strategically placed plants and pots can complete a design.  

Live planting combined with fire retardant faux planting completes the scheme.