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Living Walls

Living walls & Green Walls for Residential & Commercial, Design


A Living walls 

Also known as a green walls or vertical gardens. 

They attach to the exterior or interior wall of a building or a solid surface.

We offer design, instillation and maintenance

Urban Ruralism.

Balancing the urban and the rural in harmony, the equilibrium, bringing the two extremes together to make a single statement.

We aim to deliver a simple and effective living wall system which is not only, of great quality but meets our sustainable ethos. 

Our walls work on a bespoke design basis to ensure they fit your desired area. 

We aim to supply and install instant coverage on your green wall instantly on installation. 

We offer a complete service from Design, Installation to maintenance if necessary.

We offer Computer aided visuals for all customers prior to purchase. 

No wall is too big or small. 

We work with all customers and properties. 

We offer the option to hire living walls for events, please contact us to discuss this further.

If you want to discuss further please let us know. 

Indoor Wall Options

Living Picture .jpeg

Living Pictures

The Living picture comes in a variety of sizes and frame colours. 

We can custom wrap your frame to enhance branding. 

The water is held in the frame, meaning the plants self water up to one month. 

Living wall

Full Walls

A floor to ceiling Living wall is one way to make an impact! 

We can create our walls to fit any space or size. 

The system works through a sub irrigated over flow system, meaning it only needs watering once a month on average.

Outdoor Wall Options

outdoor living wall

Full Walls 

Our living walls can attach to any solid surface. Thus meaning they are perfect for both commercial and residential properties. 

They have a built in self watering irrigation system for a hassle free, yet stunning finished product. 

We advise on the correct plants for your location and desired image. 

green wall

Feature Walls

Our walls are versatile enough to use as small or sectioned features. 

You can make an impact with featured plant walls in your exterior. 

Bringing your walls to life!

Living wall with no maintenence

Sedum Walls

Made to order. 

Choose your size. 

Choose your metal frame colour. 

Add branding. 

Add LED lighting. 

Self water or manually. 

Sedum is the perfect solution for the tricky environments, with its ability to withstand both drought and excessive water. 


How We Work

We offer both a free design and quotation. 

When required we can draw out your proposed wall using computer aided design to demonstrate the vision. 

We recommend the right plants for both your space and environment, ensuring longevity and health of the wall. 

We use a hydro non soil based system for interiors and a soil system for outdoors. 

We always supply a sub irrigated self watering system for all our walls ensuring an effective and low maintenance system for the customer or ourselves to continue the maintenance of the wall. 

We offer: 





On going support. 

Wall Education. 

Living wall CAD design
Living wall Idea
sedum wall
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