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preserved green wall


100% Real Foliage

Preserved Tree

Lacking natural light?

Seeking a maintenance-free option?

No desire to worry about watering?

Craving more than just moss, and actual foliage?

In need of sound absorption in your space?

Yearning to differentiate yourself from other brands?

The ideal solution lies in preserved foliage. Crafted by our own hands in Nottingham, UK, preserved foliage walls offer a natural and perfect remedy for your space.

Preserved foliage features:

100% natural plant foliage, expertly preserved in its current state.

Environmentally friendly.

Requires no maintenance.

Highly versatile, allowing us to create a personalized feature that is truly unique to you.

Enhances your biophilic design.

Experience the beauty of nature with preserved foliage.

What We Offer



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Preserved foliage archways

The Jungle look

Green Foliage

colourful preserved foliage wall.jpeg

The colourful look

Colourful Foliage

moss wall with foliage

The Nature look

Moss with Foliage

Preserved Tree

The Nature look

Preserved Trees

Preserved cabinet top trough planting

The Nature look

Preserved Cabinet Toppers

green wall with foliage.jpg


Moss & Foliage Wall

A combination of preserved moss and foliage creates a beautiful three dimensional maintenance free wall. 

Colourful Preserved foliage wall.jpeg

Preserved Foliage


The perfect way to have a living wall without any maintenance, built up of 100% preserved foliage. 

preserved foliage cabinet top trough.jpeg

Preserved Foliage


Wanting planting throughout your space without the maintenance or plastic. Preserved foliage can be built up of stems or transformed into trees. 

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