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What is a Moss Wall? 

Neither living nor dead. Made of moss that has been preserved using a natural paraffin or glycerine process.

Moss wall are a form of living art. We hand make the walls or pictures, in a variety of different personalised touches. This can be a pattern, a logo, the shape or the colour of the moss.

Bun moss on steamed milk frame.jpg

Preserved Moss.

Moss Walls. 
Moss Pictures. 

Moss Signage. 
Bespoke Moss.
Preserved foliage and moss.
Moss Ceiling Tiles.

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UK & Handmade.

Organically harvested.


Natural Art which Improves Air Quality, Reduces Noise and Enhances Aesthetics!

What We Do

Preserved Moss Walls, Residential & Commercial, Design

All our moss designs are meticulously handcrafted within our workshop located in Nottinghamshire.

We tailor our creations to your exact specifications, including desired size, color scheme, and complete specifications.

Our moss artworks are custom-designed to ensure a perfect fit for your desired area.

We provide a comprehensive service that encompasses design, delivery, and installation.

Our expertise extends to three species of moss, namely Reindeer, Bun, and Flat, offering a wide range of shades and colors.

Additionally, we incorporate preserved foliage into our designs, resulting in living moss walls that require zero maintenance.

We gladly accommodate projects of any scale, from small walls to expansive ones, and serve customers across various property types.

For events, we offer the option of moss rentals to enhance the ambiance.

Rest assured, our moss is organically harvested, and boasts a remarkable life expectancy of 10 years, if treated correctly.

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Bespoke Innovative Preserved

The great thing about moss is its versatility!

Designed and made in house allowing us to be innovative and forward thinking with your space.  

Moss remains resilient and vibrant, preserving its natural beauty even in low humidity conditions below 40%. Its remarkable responsiveness to changes in humidity allows you to observe its fascinating transformations. Rest assured, the moss does not perish or lose its vitality. Thanks to the presence of glycerine, it naturally repels dust and insects. Additionally, moss acts as a remarkable acoustic softener, significantly enhancing the ambiance. In the event of any damage, the moss can be easily restored to its original state.

We carefully harvest this organic moss from the forest floor, ensuring sustainable practices that promote new tree growth. When the moss arrives, we meticulously remove any pine needles by hand.

Colourful Moss circle .jpeg
hanging moss ceiling pendants.

The Facts 


Maintenance Free. 

Aesthetically Pleasing. 

Improves Productivity.

Improves Well-being.

Create stunning feature walls.

Dampens Acoustics.

Requires no natural light. 

Versatile to design bespoke design concepts.

Hanging Moss Pendants

What We Offer

flat moss black circle.jpeg

Flat Moss

Also known as carpet moss. 

We offer this in three tones of green. 

side bun.jpeg

Bun Moss

Also known as Ball moss and cushion moss. 

We offer this in three tones of green. 

reindeer on mdf oak effect.jpeg

Reindeer Moss

Also known as Lichen or Fluffy Moss. We offer this moss in a large array of colours and multiple tones of green.

Types of moss

moss wall .jpg

Moss Walls

Any Shape or sized moss wall made to order. 

preserved moss wall

Moss Pictures

Any Shaped or size moss picture.

colourful moss wall

Colourful Moss Wall

Any design, shape or sized colourful moss wall. 

Moss Desk Divider

Moss Dividers

Bespoke made moss dividers for noise cancelling office acoustics. 

preserved foliage and moss wall.JPG

Bring your moss wall to life with preserved foliage, to create a living wall without the maintence. 

moss clock

Moss Clocks

Bespoke Moss Clocks. 

Moss Ceiling Tiles.jpeg

Moss Ceiling Tiles

Moss ceiling tiles, or suspended ceilings to add to aesthetics and reduce noise pollution.

What is a Moss Ceiling panel?

Neither alive nor deceased, a Moss Ceiling panel is created by preserving moss using a natural paraffin or glycerine method.

These panels represent a living form of artistic expression. Each one is meticulously crafted by hand, incorporating various personalized elements such as design, type of moss, color, and quantity.

Moss possesses remarkable sound absorption characteristics, making it ideal for improving both acoustics and aesthetics. The best part is, it demands absolutely no upkeep.

easter moss wall

Bespoke moss stands, movable or freestanding for your event or space.

Moss logo.jpg

Moss Logos

Turn your branding into moss.

male and female toilet sign.jpeg

Moss Shapes

Change your icons and signage to moss. 

moss sign.JPEG

Bespoke Moss 

Bespoke moss designed and delivered. 

The 360 Tree

The Christmas tree with sustainability at its core. 

Sound Absorbing

moss art.jpg

Enahnced Aethetics

moss ceiling tile

Improved Wellbeing

Our Bespoke Preserved Moss Gallery

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