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Artificial Living Walls & Foliage

Living walls & Green Walls for Residential & Commercial, Design

Discover our expertise in custom artificial foliage solutions, tailored to your specific needs, whether it's trees, hanging arrangements, potted plants, or unique design requirements. No project is too large or small for us to handle.

Our artificial products come with fire retardant and UV protection, ensuring durability and safety where needed. Rest assured, all installations are securely planted and ready for commercial use.

Choose from our extensive selection of lifelike artificial foliage, meticulously crafted to replicate nature's beauty. We offer expert advice on selecting the perfect greenery to match your environment, mimicking live planting effortlessly.

Our Artifical green walls are all designed and made to order to meet your specific needs. 

Offered in both Fire retardant and UV protected finishing, this allows for both the safety and longevity of your wall.

Replica Plants

Our Artificial 

We pride ourselves on our bespoke artificial offering. 

Often made to order plant statements within pots or hand crafted trees. 

We only offer the highest of quality life like replica solutions. 

We will always advice what species are most realistic. 

No job is too big or small we can help.

fake tree in student accommodation .jpeg
fake tree
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