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Moss Walls

All our moss is designed and handmade in our workshop in Nottingham. 

Our moss designs are versatile and the opportunities are endless!

Novotel Excel London
On behalf of Nurture Landscapes

This captivating wall, composed of preserved flat, bun, and reindeer moss along with preserved amarthanus, extends across the seating area, inviting guests to unwind and enjoy the natural advantages of biophilia.

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Verve Workspace

Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Introducing our mesmerising Mossterpiece! This one-of-a-kind rainbow preserved moss wall is a stunning alternative to ordinary wallpaper. Experience the benefits: calming blues and greens, appetite-stimulating oranges and yellows, energising reds and pinks, and creativity-boosting purples!

Verve Workspace
Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Enhancing the office interior with its captivating presence, this exquisite wall of preserved moss and foliage serves as an ideal centerpiece. Crafted with a harmonious combination of three distinct species of preserved moss and an assortment of preserved foliage stems, this natural design exudes charm. Adding a touch of sophistication, the wall is further adorned with a 3D LED rear-lit sign featuring the company's logo.

Ten Traffic Street, Student Accommodation Nottingham.

This was an exciting and forward thinking project. State of the art student accommodation with no expense spared on the innovative interiors. 

We worked alongside the client and interior designers to create bespoke furniture solutions which housed moss. 

The concept is to promote wellbeing through biophilic design, with low maintenance. - Preserved moss, preserved foliage, hand made resin trees and silk foliage created a striking impact to the design concept. Designing both the moss partition wall and stair balustrade we used a local company to hand make, and turn the design into a reality and add the moss.