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When is the right time to repot?

The beginning of spring before the growing season starts is the ideal time to repot. 

How do you know when its time to repot?

Look out for the following symptoms;

Emerging roots from the bottom of the pot. (Easier to see if it is kept in its grow pot.)

Your noticing your having to water more frequently. 

Yellowing leaves or stunted growth where it doesn't indicate, other causes. 

Plants which bloom twice a year, generally need to be re-potted annually. 

Finally you might have removed the plant for another reason and noticed the roots are large and congested with one another in the shape of the pot. 

How do you repot?

Prepare the next size up of pot. 

Ensure you fill the bottom quarter with the right soil mix for that plant. 

Try and ensure the pot has drainage holes in the bottom. 

Water your plant a day before your repotting. 

Remove the plant from the original pot. Shake off the soil and have a good look at your roots. It is the perfect time to look for pests/ diseases. 

Place the root ball into the new pot you have prepared. Place soil around the edges of the roots. You want to ensure the top of the plant sits at the ridge of the pot. You don't want to place soil right up to the top. Stop around 1cm from the rim of the pot. ​

Don't compress the soil down, you want to ensure oxygen can get to the roots. 

The best way is to tap the pot against a surface to ensure the soil fills any voids and you can then see if more is needed. 

Leave the plant for a couple of days before watering. Keep an eye on the condition to ensure it does not go into shock. 

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